Parents in Toto


     Parents in Toto, an autism resource center in Zelienople, PA, is a place where parents and guardians can turn for guidance as they navigate the difficulties of Autism. They provide educational events and social events for their members. 

    Their resource center doesn't feel like a Doctor's office whatsoever, but instead mimics an inviting and cozy living room. Their programs and services are provided at no cost to families, and their is no clinical paperwork process. They have guiding principles that they have woven into their programs to help encourage each of their members to be their authentic selves and to live happy lives while supporting others.

    Parents in Toto is a nonprofit organization and relies on donations to make their programs available to those in the area who have autism. That is why Artem Totes is pledging 100% of their profits to the organization. We encouraged by what Parents in Toto has done for those in their community and has lead us to want to support their cause. 



 To learn more about Parents in Toto please click the link below to access their website.