Our Story


     Artem Totes is all about helping to bring light to local artists. Founded by Ethan Raynaud, Caterina Nicoletti and Avalon Parsons, we have a simple mission of bringing light to the art community around us while also helping our partnered charity Parents in Toto. We wanted to find a way to showcases our artists art while also having a product that could be versatile and used everyday. From there our founder Ethan Raynaud came up with the idea for Artem Totes and since then we have made connections with multiple great artists from the state of Pennsylvania. 

Meet Our Team!

         Ethan Raynaud our founder, is from Nashville, Tennessee and was exposed to the local art scene from a young age. He grew up having his mom take him to the local farmers market stirring up his passion for the local movement. Since Ethan has always loved getting involved in his community, he is eager to support local articians whenever possible.

       Caterina Nicoletti is the CFO of Artem Totes and is in charge of the financial side of the business. She has been involved with the arts for most of her life and has dappled in the art world herself. Caterina loves to help the local art community and is excited to see where things go with Artem Totes. She is eager to help local artists get their work out there.

       Avalon Parsons is our CMO of Artem Totes and controls all of our marketing. She has been exposed to the arts through her friends and has a true appreciation for the hard work that goes into every piece. Avalon is looking forward to working with the artists to help get their art into the world and working with local businesses to advertise our bags. 


Have a question? Want to leave some feedback? Want to partner with us as an Artist? Email us! We would love to hear from you and will get back to you as quickly as possible. 


**All orders usually ship within 5-7 days of the purchase date.

At Artem, if you're not satisfied with our product, we offer a full return within 14 days of receiving your tote. Just send us an email at artemtotes@gmail.com, and we'll take care of you.